Front Range Backyard Viticulture

2017 schedule of classes

Introduction to Frontrange Viticulture  Sunday, April 1, 1-4

Site location and preparation
Cold hardy variety selection
Trellis construction
Planting and early maintenance

Grapevine Pruning Saturday, April 21, 2-5

Cordons, canes and how to decide
Managing vigor
Balanced pruning
Renewing neglected vines

Hands on Harvesting and Wine Making  Sunday, Sept. 23, 1-4

Measuring sugar and pH to asses ripeness
Destemming and crushing to make a must
Balancing sugar and acidity, yeast selection
Discussion of equipment for aging, racking, and bottling

Classes are $50 per sesson and are held at
Stonebridge Farm 5169 Ute Hwy
Longmont CO 80503

Contact John Martin for more information or to register for classes.

I am also available for on site consultation if you are hesitant to tackle the pruning of a neglected vine.





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